Su Di Me (About Me)

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I am a second-generation Italian American. Growing up in a large Italian family (100% Italian, and 1 of 6 children), I remember wonderful meals, lots of laughter and lots of people! My grandparents were a tremendous inspiration, and I have fond memories of my grandmother’s (Raffaela Colombo) wonderful cooking. My parents, Leo & Mary Perrine, truly inspired their children by their incredible cooking, work ethic and their love and dedication to family. I have striven to set the same example for my children, Jessica & Nicholas, and for all my nieces and nephews.

I have always been a working mother and have been devoted to both my family and my work. As President of DW Smith Associates, LLC, I’ve been dedicated to various community service organizations and have been an advocate for women’s leadership including advising and mentoring young women in business. As a result I have been fortunate enough to be personally recognized by many organizations, and most recently was named Woman of the Year by Central Jersey Women in Business.

As a working mother, it has been important to modify recipes, where possible, to include semi-homemade options and shortcuts. True Italian cuisine is about simple and delicious cooking, using the freshest possible ingredients. Rich Italian heritage is about combining delicious food, laughter and family. I have learned to accomplish both and have incorporated those tips in my recipes and stories. I consider this La Dolce Vita-The Sweet Life!

                                                                                      Jennifer (Perrine) Nevins


One thought on “Su Di Me (About Me)

  1. “Abbondanza” is a beautiful book – wonderful recipes, old photos (bring back memories of my mother and family). Wish you much success! By the way, love the cover
    Angela Meola
    The Center for Italian & Italian-American Culture

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